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In addition to our amazing selection of products, we also pride ourselves on our knowledgeable staff and their ability to provide a large array of golf services including:

Bullseye: A 100 Best Clubfitter for 2011

Complete Club Repair

Bobick's offers complete club repair, regripping, reshafting, loft and lie adjustments, club lengthening and shortening. Let our club repair specialists perform their talent which has provided New Mexico with expert club repair for over 25 years. From regripping to reshafting, loft and lie adjustments to lengthening and shortening, just let our staff know what you need and we can take care of it.

Need a repair completed within 24 hours? Our club repair specialists can take care of your emergency by regripping your clubs in one day. (Please let our staff know of your urgency when placing your request).

Custom Club Bending

As a player, you may not realize that angle bending is among the fastest ways to improve a player’s ball flight. Whether changing the lie to improve accuracy or changing loft to make certain that the player’s clubs are progressively consistent, angle bending is a major factor in club performance.

The bending of clubs for loft, lie and face angle is a repair that will often provide a player with immediate quantifiable changes in his or her game. Bending lie a few degrees can mean the difference between accurate shots and ones that stray left or right of target. By having progressively consistent lofts, distance gaps are eliminated. Changing the face angle on a metal wood can lead to more fairway landings.

Improve Your Game with Custom Club BendingWhen it comes to loft and lie, many players have incorrect ideas about what can be done and what effect changes may have on playability. If you want to improve your game, it is important to understand how club bending can help. We are your source for the best information about how bending clubs can help your game and give you more consistent range through your clubs.

While there are limitations, many of today’s metal woods are indeed bendable, especially stainless steel heads. Forged titanium models, with their softer titanium structure, are bendable as well. Provided the hosel of the wood is long enough to allow the bending bar to fit over its length, metal woods can be bent to custom fit a player. This applies to both face angle and lie.

When you bend the hosel toward or away from the face plane you open or close the club’s face angle. This will change the playing loft of the club by changing the trajectory of the ball but it will potentially cause misdirected shots. Don’t be misled that tour professionals de-loft their drivers and get more distance.

Come on in and we will explain all the ins-and-outs of club bending, and how it can help your game!

Club Fitting - Swing Labs

Swing Labs

Swing LabsA tragic and unimaginable number of golf clubs are abused every day. Check out the new Vector Links simulator powered by the Vector Pro Launch System, resulting in the most data accurate simulation of golf available today.

Vector ProThe golf ball is on the face of the club for about 300 microseconds. In that precise instant a lot of things have to be done exactly right. Within one millisecond, the Vector Pro Launch System takes two photos of the ball. Then its sophisticated software instantly analyzes those photos and displays the data.

Vector ProSwing Labs is integrated with Vector Pro, the latest in Launch Monitor Technology. Vector Pro is one of the most precise instruments in ball launch technology and is recognized for its accuracy by all the major manufacturers such as Mizuno, PING, Wilson, Titleist and Callaway.

Vector ProBy using Vector Pro, golfers can immediately see data that shows the effect of even the slightest changes in grip, swing and stance. This is then used to recommend the optimum combination of equipment based on your unique dynamic launch data.

Vector ProIn addition, instructors can now annotate on screen, review your swing mechanics with you, and record, review and store your swing video and ball performance data for future club purchasing sessions.

Swing Labs and Vector Pro take the uncertainty and guesswork out of buying new clubs.

Trade Ins

Why let your old clubs lie around and gather dust? We take old clubs in on trade and we guarantee that you will get the best "bottom line" price available on your new purchase.

Please note: Bullseye Golf Headquarters will only accept equipment on trade if it meets the following standards.

Used equipment must be:

  • Pro-line clubs
  • No more than five years old
  • In good condition

Equipment must not:

  • Have small heads
  • Have wooden heads
  • Be a “knock-off” or counterfeit club
  • Be more than two seasons old
  • Be an extraordinary custom club (i.e., excessively long, short, flat, up, stiff, etc.)

** No bags will be considered for trade.**

See how much your old clubs are worth at the PGA Value Guide.

Additional Provisions:

When an agreement on price is reached for the used equipment, the trade-in value will be deducted from the price of the customer’s new equipment purchase.

All trade-ins are bound by the terms at the time of the transaction. Bullseye Golf Headquarters reserves the right to amend, cease, and/or temporarily suspend the trade-in program at any time and without notice.

Bullseye Golf Headquarters reserves the right to refuse a trade based on a variety of reasons, even if the store’s listed requirements are met.


When purchasing new equipment you can leave your old clubs with us and we will try to sell them for you for a small fee. You determine the selling price. If they don’t sell, you can pick the clubs up or trade them in at a pre-determined price at the time of your new purchase.

League Discounts

We make purchasing league outing prizes easy. In addition to a 10% discount on all regular priced items except golf balls, we track items being purchased under the leagues name and allow items to be returned for full credit without a receipt. League members will receive special attention due to their membership.

LogoJet Custom Ball Imprints

LogoJet - Custom Ball Imprints

The perfect way to make a lasting impression! LogoJet imprints any golf ball with your personal design - logos, photos or any text or art you desire. Simply provide a .jpg file with your desired design, and our LogoJet system will create custom golf balls for tournament prizes, corporate events, personal messages, or any special occasion where you want a personal touch.


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September 20, 2017

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Bullseye: A 100 Best Clubfitter for 2011